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Who We Are!

Sofiane Ait Chalalet is Algerian and came to Samos in 2006. He subsequently married a Greek artist which gave him the necessary papers to live and work in Greece without fear of the daily persecution which is the plight of so many undocumented people here.

Chris Jones came to Samos about the same time as Sofiane. He was a university professor in Britain.

Both Sofiane and Chris have spent their lives working with some of the most oppressed and vulnerable both in Greece, Britain and Algeria.

Both are outraged by the vicious war now being conducted against the poorest whose:-

Voices are rarely heard.

Humanity is rarely recognised.

They are our brothers and sisters.

This is our starting place. We can have a better world but this can only happen if we start from this base. Unless we can work together to bring an end to the criminal barbarities that are the unrelenting daily menu for the poorest and most vulnerable we will never realise a world of justice, fairness, and humanity we yearn for.