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Bahaa al Saaor : We will never forget you.

“It is Wednesday August 1st 2018.

What words can describe our feelings as we wait on the border between Syria and Turkey. We were all dreaming about freedom and hoping to be safe and to continue our life without fear.

The time is 12:00 in the night. This is the time when we start our travel.

The smuggler shouted ” come on, come on ”
Our group is 9 men and one woman with her child.

We get to the top of the mountain then we waited to get an order to move again.
The smuggler said to us that we must wait some time. Me and my cousin Bahaa, were sitting together and in that time we waited we started to share our dreams of being out of Syria and far from war. It was beautiful to see the lights below us from the first village in Turkey; to see light and not just the darkness.

After two hours we got an order to move, walking without any voices or noises to the separation wall between Syria and Turkey.

We arrived at the separation wall after a hard walk between the big rocks, through trees and thorns. We then climbed the wall one by one. We thought it was the last dangerous thing we would have to do that night but the suffering started after the wall.

We were met on the other side of the wall by a new smuggler and in a sharp tone he said to us “run and run quickly, run don’t stop running”. We couldn’t stop running even for one minute.

After two hours running we heard shouting in a strange language. We couldn’t understand it and there were also dogs barking at us. We stopped.

The Turkish army had captured us.
They asked: who are you?
We said: we are people, escaping from war and from death.

They didn’t understand what we said and ordered us to lie down on the ground with our hands behind our heads then the dogs started biting us in bad way.

A little while later a monster came in the shape of a man and approached us. He took my cousin and moved away from the group but we could still see and hear them both. This monster tormented Bahaa with the ugliest methods.

After half an hour of torture he did not stop his cruelty.
He ordered Bahaa to turn his face to the other side and then moved away from him, no more than a metre away. Then he shot him with two bullets.

Those two bullets settled in that body, which had suffered years of siege, hunger and fatigue.

From his great hatred he did not kill him but left him tormented in pain to die in front of us.

Then he told the other soldiers to take us and Bahaa back to Syrian territory and throw us there.

I think it was the best thing this monster did in his life to bring Bahaa back to Syria to cleanse it with his pure, oppressed blood.”

Written by Saad Abdullah)