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This man is Hisham Mustafa from Aleppo, Al Sfir 

Turkish police transferred him 25 days ago from Istanbul to Syria ( Idleb). He was given no choice but to return to a place where the war continues. In Istanbul he left behind his wife and their three children. Without Hisham they don’t have any one to help them or to fed them. He had to get back to them. He tried many times but it is very difficult now in the border area between Syria and Turkey because it is full of Turkish soldiers. But then one day it was different because the soldiers let him to get into the border area after he had told them his story and his frantic concern for his wife and children in Istanbul. He had only walked some metres on Turkish land to find his body was the target of Turkish soldiers’ bullets.

In truth he was killed many times. The first time was when they let him get into Turkey with his family illegally without any papers . The second time was when they left him to work illegally in Turkey and to have a house and to slowly re-build his life, all illegally . The  third time was when they decided that being illegal in Turkey he should now go back to his country as he came originally; without his family without his money; without everything. And the fourth time was the easiest when they killed him with their bullets

He is now gone with his beautiful dreams and noble desire to return to his family to give them the help that they needed. 

Many of us who fled Syria and had the luck and the money to get into Europe have family and friends in Turkey which has been the home of millions of Syrians escaping the war. The life for them there is very hard – few jobs, low wages, overcrowded homes and poverty. For many this has been their life for six years. They rely on their own efforts with nothing from the government or UNHCR.

And now we have new fear in their lives. In recent months the Erdogan administration has started removing work from the men in particular and deporting them back to the Idlib region. Hisham was just one man caught and returned.

More and more we are getting terrible news from Turkey.

The woman in the photo  was taken as she was on a bus going back to Syria. The police caught her on the streets and forced her on to the bus. She cried a lot. She asked the police to give her time to say goodbye to her children. They refused.

We are now sick with worry for our friends and families stuck in Turkey. Although some of us are now safe Europe, we are so powerless to help. It is so cruel what is happening. We can’t stay quiet. We must not be silent faced with such evil.

Saad Abdllah August 2019